The Saturday Belief Not Needed is adding a new Tuesday meeting! 

The Saturday Belief Not Needed is adding a new Tuesday meeting! 

1:00pm (PDT) Tuesday
8:00pm (GMT) Tuesday – UK
4:00pm (EDT) Tuesday
7am (AEDT) Wednesday
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Meeting format:
  • The 2nd Tuesday of each month will be Creative Share
  • 3rd Tuesday a speaker meeting
  • Other Tuesdays either Check-in or Topic Wheel
Belief Not Needed: A Secular Meeting (US)
ZOOM Meeting ID: 484 4833 383
Passcode: Recovery
Direct Link:


Creative Share – 4th Monday (USA) of Every Month – Beyond Belief Seattle!

Please join the Monday at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT Beyond Belief meeting for creative share night!

Share your poetry, songs, stories, and art or just attend and experience the creative work of others.

It’s all related to the recovery journey!

Zoom ID: 890 0409 1916
Password: secularna (all lowercase)


Updated Secular Meetings List

The schedule of meetings has been updated to reflect US Daylight Savings Times changes. Please let us know if there are any problems – 


Secular AA Big Book discussion meeting

There is a new Zoom meeting for secular study of AA The Big Book.

Secular Big Book Study
Wednesday 8:30 est
846 7058 8267
no passcode
open meeting

A safe & comfortable place for secular study of the Big Book.  All are welcome. Please be respectful of the purpose of the study group.  We are hear to study the content of the Big Book and how it relates to our secular sobriety without debating religious beliefs.

Meetings NA

Time Change – Beyond Belief Seattle – MONDAY Seattle (Pacific US Time)

The BB Seattle group will NOW START AT 7pm PST beginning in January.

If you have any questions about this, please email to





ZOOM software

To use Zoom, beginning Nov 1, everyone must have a version 5.8.6 or higher on any device or computer you use. You are probably okay (I just checked mine and I’m at 5.11.11), but it’s worth checking when you start Zoom.
Here are instructions on how to check —
Desktop/laptop client version number:
Sign in to the Zoom desktop/laptop client for Windows, macOS, or Linux. Click your profile picture, then Help, and lastly select About Zoom.
To upgrade to the latest version – Click your profile picture then click Check for Updates.
Mobile app version number:
Open the Zoom app. Tap Settings . Tap About Zoom. You will see the Zoom app version.
To upgrade to the latest version for iOS or Android – go to the Google Play or the Apple App Store, search for Zoom and then download the Zoom mobile app.
MEETING Secretaries and chairs – please remind your attendees for the next few meetings.
Meetings NA

New resource posted in our Resources section –

Here’s a new listing in our Resources page

Secular Recovery Meetings – An extensive list (with links) of online secular recovery meetings. Meetings listed include Secular AA, Secular NA, Secular Al-Anon, Recovery Dharma, or simply secular recovery meetings without any other associations or affiliations.