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Secular NA – is a collaborative effort among Narcotics Anonymous groups and members who support a non-religious, secular approach to recovery and the 12-step program.

This website – Secular NA has no direct involvement or affiliation with Narcotics Anonymous World Services.

We exist to provide information and resources for non-religious, secular NA recovery, particularly related to NA meetings that are welcoming to atheists, agnostics, free-thinkers, or just non-believers.

It’s not always easy for non-religious people to feel comfortable in NA meetings. Narcotics Anonymous states that “Anyone may join us regardless of age, race, sexual identity, creed, religion, or lack of religion.” But much of the literature and many meetings of Narcotics Anonymous are infused with an implicit god-like higher power.

That’s why Secular NA groups are so important. We are living proof that secular NA, non-religious NA works! We secular NA members support each other through our meetings. We can be open and honest. MANY secular NA members have decades of clean time. It’s so valuable when these members share their experiences with newer members – especially those attending their first, second, or third meeting. WELCOME to secular NA recovery – non-religious NA recovery. As stated in NA literature:

“We each find a way to surrender, but that does not mean we all come to believe in God. Many of our members have been clean for years as atheists. For some of us, coming to believe that NA can accommodate our atheism has itself been a leap of faith. We are welcome no matter what we believe.”

“NA has no opinion on how our members define or practice spirituality. Our individual challenge is to find a definition of spirituality that makes sense to us. By listening carefully and with an open mind to a range of members’ opinions and experiences, we form our own understanding that we can use in our own recovery.”

The website ( has no direct involvement or affiliation with Narcotics Anonymous World Services. We are  members of Narcotics Anonymous who prefer a secular NA approach. We created this website to provide information about secular NA meetings and groups.

Also check out – the Secular NA Coffee Shop  and AA Agnostica.   The Secular NA Coffee Shop is a Facebook group encouraging community and informal exchange of information and ideas for recovering addicts who prefer a secular, non-religious approach. AA Agnostica is a like-minded group and website offering secular AA information and ideas. We are pleased to partner with both the Coffee Shop and AA Agnostica in attracting “beyond believers” to 12-step recovery.

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