Upcoming NA events – Worldwide

Here are some major NA events coming up in the next 6 weeks or so. Thanks to Maggie from Beyond Belief Seattle for the connection –

We encourage secular NA folks to attend and explain how “atheists recover too!”

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Hear Ye Hear Ye – New Look for Meeting List

Please take a look at the new formatted meeting listing and schedule!!

Meeting List

It’s coordinated (and supported by) with so that our listings are automatically inclalluded in their listings as well.
AND – the system will now automatically adjust for the current user’s time zone!
AND – the system will also update automatically when there are daylight savings-type changes. WOO HOO!

Thank you to all that worked to make it possible included the folks!!


Sunday Meeting – Our Continuing Journey (Secular – Living Clean Book Study)

August 6, 2023 post –>
This meeting didn’t meet for a couple of Sundays, but it’s now back and active. PLEASE consider attending!

Our Continuing Journey (Secular – Living Clean Book Study)

Zoom ID: 377 664 1681
Password: clean2day

4:30pm (BSummerT)
11:30am (EDT)
8:30am (PDT)

The Saturday Belief Not Needed is adding a new Tuesday meeting! 

The Saturday Belief Not Needed is adding a new Tuesday meeting! 

1:00pm (PDT) Tuesday
8:00pm (GMT) Tuesday – UK
4:00pm (EDT) Tuesday
7am (AEDT) Wednesday
This group participates in the PayPal project. Donate directly to this meeting’s 7th Tradition by Clicking here
Meeting format:
  • The 2nd Tuesday of each month will be Creative Share
  • 3rd Tuesday a speaker meeting
  • Other Tuesdays either Check-in or Topic Wheel
Belief Not Needed: A Secular Meeting (US)
ZOOM Meeting ID: 484 4833 383
Passcode: Recovery
Direct Link:


Creative Share – 4th Monday (USA) of Every Month – Beyond Belief Seattle!

Please join the Monday at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT Beyond Belief meeting for creative share night!

Share your poetry, songs, stories, and art or just attend and experience the creative work of others.

It’s all related to the recovery journey!

Zoom ID: 890 0409 1916
Password: secularna (all lowercase)

Meetings NA

New resource posted in our Resources section –

Here’s a new listing in our Resources page

Secular Recovery Meetings – An extensive list (with links) of online secular recovery meetings. Meetings listed include Secular AA, Secular NA, Secular Al-Anon, Recovery Dharma, or simply secular recovery meetings without any other associations or affiliations. 

AA Agnostica Article Secular NA Secular Recovery

Steps For Life – Not Just Recovery

Steps for Life-Not Just Recovery article.

A GREAT piece in AAAgnostica – March 7, 2021 – on non-religious approaches to living the good life. Check it out –

AA Agnostica Art

Song about recovery – Until We Try

From Roger at AA Agnostica
“Stephanie sent me a song about her struggle to stay sober. The song is very appropriately called “Until We Try”. Written by her and sung by her son, it’s a truly wonderful song. She has also written an article about her struggle. You can read that – and listen to her song! – right here:
Sticking With It