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Steps For Life – Not Just Recovery

Steps for Life-Not Just Recovery article.

A GREAT piece in AAAgnostica – March 7, 2021 – on non-religious approaches to living the good life. Check it out –

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Song about recovery – Until We Try

From Roger at AA Agnostica
“Stephanie sent me a song about her struggle to stay sober. The song is very appropriately called “Until We Try”. Written by her and sung by her son, it’s a truly wonderful song. She has also written an article about her struggle. You can read that – and listen to her song! – right here:
Sticking With It
AA Agnostica Secular NA Secular Recovery

Secular NA – Connecting Globally Amid a World in Crisis

This article by our own Michael E from Seattle, was published in February on the AA Agnostica Website. 

“I am an addict, 71 years old and a little over 5 years clean. I am clean because of the Narcotics Anonymous program, and I am so very grateful for the NA program as well as AA and the other 12-step programs that help those suffering from various addictions. If I follow the program, I will not use – one day at a time. …”

Secular NA – Connecting Globally Amid a World in Crisis