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Beyond Belief International Secular NA meeting

Beyond Belief International


Meeting ID: 951 5366 9250
Passcode: secularna

Beyond Belief International Secular NA meets:

In the US – Pacific Time – Saturdays 6:00 pm- 7:00pm
In Australia – Melbourne Time – Sundays 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Meeting ID: 951 5366 9250
Passcode: secularna

Join via Zoom link: 

Connect by Phone: +1 206 337 9723 US
Meeting ID: 951 5366 9250
Passcode: 896430876

This is a VIRTUAL, ONLINE ONLY meeting – permanently!

The meeting is a joint effort between 2 secular NA groups – the Seattle-Everett Beyond Belief Group and the Melbourne Australia Beyond Belief Group.

We are so pleased to team up with each other in offering more opportunities for secular Narcotics Anonymous – secular NA – meetings. Those of us who believe in non-religious, secular NA recovery seek to support addicts across the globe who desire secular NA recovery – the NA program without religious references or promotion. There are now over 10 secular NA groups worldwide.

What makes this group – Beyond Belief International – unique is that we are a joint effort between Australia and the United States and that the meeting will always be an online, virtual secular NA meeting.

Please join us for a meaningful and fun (yes, fun) secular NA meeting. Our members hail from all over the world, and they are incredibly supportive of each other and a non-religious, secular NA approach. There’s a lot of deep and heartfelt sharing, but there’s also a lot of laughter and celebration of sobriety.

In particular, we celebrate the newcomer because we know how hard and important those first steps towards recovery are. We’ve all been there, and we take great pleasure in seeing others stay clean for an hour, a day, a few days, a week, and then on to months and years.

So again – please join us! One day at a time.


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