Belief Not Needed: A Secular Meeting

This group started with a focus to create a space for atheists, agnostics, or anyone who wishes to get clean and work a program of recovery without dogma or religiosity. At first, we, as recovering addicts, had to go along with the god antics, but now, we are a growing movement that no longer is bound by needing a higher power or god to recover. Belief Not Needed is now a part the secular movement on an international level. It started in Tacoma, Washington with two people and a dream. We never dreamed it would come this far.

In NA, we promise you can get clean, lose the desire to use, and find a new way of life. Getting clean can be one of the hardest but best decisions we make for ourselves. 

If you are just getting clean, trying again, or coming back from a relapse, we lovingly suggest, if you can, to go to a meeting everyday in your early recovery (just getting off drugs, alcohol, or any other substances you are using). 

Also, getting professional and medical help may be needed as well. Many of us, in recovery, seek professional and medical help in conjunction with recovery.

ZOOM Meeting ID: 8499 1245 959
Passcode: Recovery
Direct Link:

1:00pm US Pacific Sat
4:00pm US Eastern Sat

5:00pm – 6:00pm Pacific Time
Crossroads Treatment Center

4928 109th St SW, Suite A
Lakewood, WA 98499

Our meeting format:

1st Saturdays: Step topic meetings. For this meeting, we do not read any NA literature as it is currently not secular friendly, but we do pick a step to go over and discuss how to work it or what it means in a secular perspective.

2nd Saturdays: Open discussion. This is a meeting where this is no pressure to stay on a topic and is free flowing.

3rd Saturdays:  Topic meetings. A member is picked before hand to pick a topic of discussion.

4th Saturdays: Speaker Meeting. A speaker is chosen by a member to share on their experience, strength, and hope.

5th Saturdays: On the occasion of a 5th Saturday, we will invite a speaker from a different language and offer live translation.